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Eileen Ross Therapy

Privacy statement

Eileen Ross Therapy is committed to protecting your privacy.

I am a recipient of the regular up-to-date newsletters from the Information Commissioner's Office. 

Information I collect

As a psychological therapy service, I collect your personal data, such as your name, address and date of birth to identify you.

I take background information from you, including life history, medical history, mental health history and presenting problems to ensure I am able to give you the most appropriate input or to help you find the appropriate help.

I use your telephone number and/or email to contact you about your appointments and/or to follow-up post-treatment. 

Your information is not used for any purpose outwith Eileen Ross Therapy, unless you specifically request this and have given Written Informed Consent. For example, letter to GP.


How  your information is stored

I store your information in hard copy form in a locked cabinet as per data protection guidelines.

Letters to GPs or others, that you have given written consent for are stored in Word Documents prior to being printed off.  They are then stored in Hard Copy (See below)

If you pay with Debit/Credit Card the system I use is SUM UP which is an encrypted system.

I do not have access to or store any of your Credit/Debit Card details.

Please refer to the privacy policy of SUM UP.


If you are contacting the website via contact form, texting or emailing me, you are giving me permission to gather the information you supply.

If you request that I share your information with your GP or for example, Occupational Health or others, you will be required to sign a Sharing of Information Form.  An explanation will be given for this and you will be giving Informed Written Consent.  You may review this at any time.

Withdrawing Consent

You have the right to withdraw consent at any time.

I am required for my own Insurance purposes to keep your records for 7 years from your last session.

I will personally have these destroyed at that time.

Amending Information

You have the right to amend personal information you have given me, or to review it, to ensure accuracy.

Please advise in session or in writing (email, text) if you wish to do so.


I will never sell or pass on your information to any marketing companies.


I am sometimes asked by individual PHD students or EMDR associations for anyone who would like to participate in research.  If  appropriate, I would advise you of the request and if you were keen to participate, I would give you the contact details of the researcher, within Data Protection Laws, for you to contact them.

The Researcher would assume the responsibility for data protection for any communication you have with them.  This information would not be made available to Eileen Ross Therapy.

Website and Cookies

I use Go Daddy Website which has its own Privacy Policy.  

This Privacy Policy is subject to review.